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Chevy Suburban Stabilitrak issue
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TEMA: Chevy Suburban Stabilitrak issue
Chevy Suburban Stabilitrak issue hace 10 Meses, 2 Semanas Karma: 0
Hi there,

I've had a problem with it giving me a service stabilitrak/traction control message. usually it will start running rough and the fix in the past has been to change the oil and it goes away. I've been told that these things can burn some oil. The guy that has fixed it for me the first time said that it was a bad oil pressure gauge, so he fixed that and it was fine for a while. Then it started doing it again and he said it was because the oil had gotten so low that it wasn't running right. He said that the oil pressure can affect the stabilitrak system. Well this morning it did it again, so I added some oil to it, and it hasn't gone away. My question is, is that message related to the oil pressure, and is it just low oil, or should I be looking at something else altogether?

Please help.

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