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Enterprise Has Charged My Card 3 Months Later
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TEMA: Enterprise Has Charged My Card 3 Months Later
Enterprise Has Charged My Card 3 Months Later hace 10 Meses, 2 Semanas Karma: 0

So I was checking my credit card statement yesterday and see that Enterprise has charged me $280.80. I rented a car with them in December 08 in Atlanta, and paid for it I have no idea what this is for. I rang the office where I rented (Duluth, GA) and it was closed. On their website they have a 'contact us' phone..but that is a local 1-800 number which I can't call from I sent them an email but it came back saying 'server busy' or some such crap. And the damn time-difference is not doing anything to help either banghead This is just ridiculous....can they even do that?! Luckily I have my copy of the rental agreement the last time I rented with them...but I am sitting here 10,000 miles away. How the hell can I get this sorted? Any ideas? Can I call my bank and ask them to investigate this? $280 is quite a bit to ignore. Also I am wondering if they have accidentally charged my card..but what the hell are they doing with my credit card details anyway...I thought they're not supposed to hold credit card details on file?

Please help

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