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BMW I3 -Most Dangerious Steering Of Any Car I've Owned!
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TEMA: BMW I3 -Most Dangerious Steering Of Any Car I've Owned!
BMW I3 -Most Dangerious Steering Of Any Car I've Owned! hace 10 Meses, 1 Semana Karma: 0

I was not going to post this problem but I know its not just me there are hundreds of owners who hate the steering on the I3 - I'm posting this in hopes of warning other drivers that the I3 can and will be very dangerous at highway speeds.Just the other day while my wife was driving at 60 mph, a dog ran our from the shoulder and while it was no real threat to us, she nearly lost control of the car by the over-reactive steering - the steering is 100% too sensitive expessially on a narrow wheelbase car that is on the top-heavy side.

The steering requires 100% of attention all the time, even the normal gesturescause the car to move out of its track and lane. The other day I just leaned over to remove my phone from my pocket to lay it on the seat and the car was all over the road. Every friend wants to drive our I3 and without us saying a word, everyone loved the car but felt uncomfortable with the steering, I know the steering is electric therefore both the sensitivity and effort can be changed by coding - so I'm asking if anyone knows of any coding for the steering is available - if not, as much as I love the car, I'm dumping it before the steering causes and accident. Just so you know we're not a couple of idiots with regard to our driving abilities, I've built and owned race cars all my life and our present "other" vehicles are a BMW i8 and a C7 Corvette. My i8 has perfect steering and no sensitivity issues what-so ever.

Please help

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